Digital sampling and gifting made simple

The increased digitalisation of physical places offers an immense opportunity to connect with consumers in innovative and creative ways. 

TENVITO is a toolkit for brands to connect with consumers in the right place, at the right time and in the right way. These digital connections are meaningful, worthwhile and build brand experiences that increase sales. 

The Challenge 

Large-scale product sampling is an ongoing challenge for drinks brands.

At TENVITO we have created a solution to simplify that challenge and turn it into a high quality fun consumer engagement opportunity.

TENVITO digital sampling allows brands to distribute sample drinks in multiple bars simultaneously, by simply engaging with consumers through their mobile phones.

Our Approach

On-trade Background 

  • 67% of people who enter bar have not decided what they are going to drink.
  • On average they drink 3.9 of those drinks before leaving or switching.
  • 80% of people who receive a free sample in bar will then follow with a purchase of sampled drink.
  • We have owned and managed in bar media for 20 years and have undertaken experiential marketing on-trade which included sampling tours.
  • Research of our I-SITE on-trade media have shown brand sales growth of 51%,  a 3% market share growth in bar and a 900% return on investment.
  • With TENVITO our aim is create and manage seamless, worthwhile digital connections in bar that will drive sales for participating brands.
  • Sampling can be undertaken at any number of venues - simultaneously.
  • Promotions are not reliant on dedicated promo staff.
  • Simple digital connection - an invite to sample a drink can be sent to a consumer's mobile or . . . .
  • The same invite can be collected in bar, via QR codes printed on POS, I-SITE, beer mats etc. 
  • No app required - engagement is via their mobile’s browser.
  • One invite voucher per mobile - no workarounds.
  • Instant digital consumer feedback on your brand.
  • Effective reporting during and post-campaign.
  • Opportunity for further ongoing digital engagement.
  • Can be implemented during relevant time periods when the consumer is most receptive to sampling.
  • Respects privacy, no retargeting, ongoing connection is opt-in from the consumer.
  • We eradicate product loss and waste.
  • There is a digital audit trail for brand & venue.
  • Digital payment of the venue.
  • Cost effective and will increase brand sales.

How it works 

The targeted consumer receives an invitation to a drink on their phone. The invite is received by scanning a QR code available on promotional media in the bar (iPhone cameras are all now complete with inbuilt automatic QR code readers)

  • TENVITO sampling works independently of mobile apps.
  • Each invitation is specific to a particular bar and can only be used once (There are no workarounds - this is secure - 1 drink per phone).
  • The consumer passes their invitation to the bar staff. The bar staff redeems the invitation.  (In trials, bar staff say they preferred using our mechanism to handling cash).
  • The drink is served and recorded on the bars EPOS and registered to the TENVITO platform.   
  • The consumer then receives an image to their phone indicating the invitation has now been used.
  • This now provides the opportunity for on-going consumer connection.

Transaction completed the brand can further engage with the consumers ie. ask them to opt in to the CRM programme, enter a competition or use our 'Instant Reaction Research' to offer feedback on the product they have just sampled. The brand gets consumer reaction in realtime.

When the campaign is finished we create a final report on drinks redeemed and pay the participating bar digitally for the value of the drinks served. The TENVITO system works in any retail environment in this same way.

TENVITO provides the opportunity for ongoing customer connections well beyond the bricks and mortar space where the first digital connection was made

  • Curated content  - news, vibes and goodwill.
  • Connecting your customers with your social platforms .
  • Opt-in to on going marketing.

With traditional sampling methods, a brand can get a limited number of consumers to provide feedback. This tends to be costly and limiting. Our instant reaction tool is simple to implement and is an intrinsic part of the digital sampling process. 

After a consumer samples a brands product we engage with the consumer asking them for their feedback and would they like to engage with the brand though opt-in communications in the future. The brand can receive real-time feedback, no need to wait for field marketing research. Data analytics are built into each part of our developing ecosystem to provide reliable data for informed decision making.

TENVITO has built state of the art digital displays and an online content management platform that can be installed at a fraction of the cost of traditional digital display systems. These digital displays and the content delivery system are built specifically for the on-trade and off-trade and work in conjunction with our mobile engagement tools.


A short video of digital sampling in action 

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