Introducing Tenvito - in venue display and mobile engagement

Tenvito delivers mobile engagement and on-premises display served upon a layer of data and insights. 

Tenvito includes:

Digital display and content delivery which we have reimagined and manufactured for a new era, where 'everything connects'.  These are new format displays with a light digital infrastructure. This is plug, play, display with a certain amount of class! 

Loyalty and Rewards mobile card to build stronger relationships with your customers. This tool doesn't need consumers to download an app. No more print or plastic cards required.

Digital sampling and gifting initially built to cater for the drinks industry.  Where we sample products with high consumer value. This is a secure system with the opportunity of ongoing connection.

Instant reaction research allows consumers to provide brands and venues instant feedback from their digital experience in real time. No need to wait for field marketing research anymore.

Location sparked mobile content dynamic and evolving mobile communication. Dynamic content creating consumer anticipation. 

Total brand presence giving packaging digital smarts for a constantly evolving conversation.  Dynamic content made simple. 

Augmented Reality.  No app required. Create the unexpected and wow your audience. Where the spoken word is the new interface we can brand avatars to engage with your audience. 

Social Tenvito is made for sharing! 

Opt-in marketing for legitimate communication with your tribe. Of course, GDPR compliant.

Mobile commerce delivers effective and easy to use solutions for brands and venues. We build these to order. So ask! 

Specialised services if you don't see what need on the site. Ask us and we can build it for you. 

Data analytics are built into each part of our developing ecosystem to provide reliable data for informed decision making.

Tenvito enables digital micro-moments for people in their daily lives. 


Our goal is to create worthwhile digital experiences.  These should be effective, fun and above all seamless. If we can make life easier along the way all the better.


Did we mention there are NO APPS needed for Tenvito experiences? 

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