Introducing Tenvito - in venue display, seamless mobile engagement, mobile loyalty cards and digital sampling. 

We have designed, developed and built Tenvito to deliver seamless digital consumer communication and engagement.

Tenvito includes:

Digital display and content delivery We have reimagined and manufactured for a new era, where 'everything connects'.  These are new format displays with a light digital infrastructure (IoT). This is plug, play and display with a certain amount of class! 

Digital loyalty card to strengthen your relationships with your customers. This tool doesn't need consumers to download an app. No more print or plastic cards required. Easy to use for consumer and venue. 

Digital sampling initially built for companies to sample high-value products, ensuring a consumer only receives one sample.  This is a secure system with the opportunity of ongoing connection. 



Instant reaction research allows consumers to provide brands and venues instant feedback from their digital experience in real time. No need to wait weeks for the results of field marketing research.

Location sparked mobile content dynamically and evolving mobile communication connecting brands and venues to consumers on their mobile devices.  

Retail packaging with digital smarts to make your physical product part of the digital conversation. Dynamic content made simple. 

Augmented Reality No app required. Create the unexpected and wow your audience. Where the spoken word is the new interface we can have brand avatars to engage with your audience. 



Opt-in marketing for legitimate communication with your tribe. Of course, GDPR compliant. 

Data analytics are built into each part of our developing ecosystem to provide reliable data for informed decision making.

Social Tenvito is made for sharing! 


Tenvito enables venues and brands to create digital connections with people in their daily lives.  Did we mention there are NO APPS required!


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